Education Center


Awareness building and education are the key issues in tackling the Bali environmental and specifically waste problems.

About 5000 persons visit the TEMESI Educational Center each year. They are mostly elementary oruniversity students, but also government officers, NGOs, and interested individuals driven by curiosity.To show them something beyond waste recycling we built an education center that focuses on solid and liquid waste, energy reduction and safe water.

Seeing solutions, combined with interactive and hands-on activities in an educational center have a much longer lasting impact, not only on school children, but also on adult visitors.

Themes of the center

  • The three RE: reduce – reuse – recycle
  • How the waste recycling facility in TEMESI functions
  • Biogas production from the facility’s toilet sewage, followed by a wastewater garden that feed a fish pond.
  • Lessons in various composting scales and techniques, including vermiculture
  • Health issues about waste and improper handling of hazardous materials
  • SODIS process for easy, no-cost water sterilization to get potable water
  • Binocular microscopes to demonstrate composing microbes and analyze water quality
  • Self-made and third party posters on recycling and other environmental themes
  • Bamboo as building material, properties, conservation and models
  • Energy saving solutions in Balinese households (e.g. low energy lamps and cooking ovens)
  • Demonstration and assessment of alternative renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, biomass)
  • Samples of products created from waste and hands-on creation of new objects
  • Production of recycled paper

One of the main goals of TEMESI waste facility is to create a beautiful, healthy, and comfortable environment for ourselves and future generations to come. With the correct infrastructure in place it is essential to educate the public of current best practices and make visible what successful waste management and environmental work can look like.

Education Center education001

The Educational Centeris the facility’s reception area and presents various environmental issues, as well as solutions and alternatives to solve growing problems. You can find demonstrations on how to make recycled paper or renewable fuel. Have a look at how to reduce your electricity and wood consumption and disinfect water. Small scale composting and vericulture are further themes. Everything is presented in a child friendly way given that our main target audience is children and schools.


Themes of the center

Our recycling facility is open for tours. Those interested in the process of how we make high quality compost and recycle waste can have a walk through the facility and see what it takes to manage waste successfully. If you are interested in a group visit with more than 10 people please let us know in advance so we can prepare for a successful experience.

Monday-Friday: 9 am – 3 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 12 am
Entry is free of charge