Visitors are welcome

Visitors are always welcome from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm in the afternoon. Larger groups are request to make an appointment (see contacts) so they can be properly accommodated.


Drive on the main road through Gianyar in direction Klungkung. About 1 km after the Gianyar football field, which is in the middle of the town on your right, you arrive at a traffic light. Continue 1 km further in direction Klungkung and you arrive at a big intersection with another traffic light, where a road turns off left to Bangli. From there, you continue another 250 meters still in direction Klungkung and a medium size paved road turns off to the right to Temesi. Take this right turn and follow the road through the village of Temesi. After about 1.5 km, already well beyond Temesi, you arrive at the TEMESI Facility.

When lost or in doubt, ask for the TPATemesi, about 2 km east of Gianyar or phone the facility: 743 80 83.